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Wholehearted Tattoo started with an idea, an idea that Tattooers should put their whole hearts into what they do. From the first interaction to the last part of the application process, we strive to create a positive experience where our clients can feel safe and relaxed. More often then not tattoo shops can be intimidating places but here at Wholehearted we embrace each clients idea and are driven to apply the best work possible, every single time we pick up our machines. 

Our team would also like to mention that we consider ourselves an ally to the LGBTQ+ community. We strive to create a comfortable, safe and inclusive environment in our shop for anyone, no matter how they identify. In order to live up to these standards, we have a pronoun area on our consent form to create an inclusive experience and so we can address you in the way you wish to be addressed. We are also open to any input from our community on how we can do better for everyone. If you have any questions on how we support our community feel free to contact us or come by for a friendly chat!

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